Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck

Robbie Antonio is an Executive Vice-President and the Head of Business Development at Century Properties. An integral part of his job is to forge unique and creative partnerships with iconic brands and designers. One such partnership is with yoo, a design firm that specializes in real estate development and interior design inspired by Philippe Stark.

Robbie Antonio met John Hitchcox, the famed real estate entrepreneur and co-founder of yoo with Philippe Starck, and pitched to him the idea of building along the banks of the Pasig River. “Our encounters with the great living designer Philippe Starck here in the Philippines have been limited to products and furniture,” he said. “Given his powerful influence in the field of design, we felt there was a need to rouse our consciousness with his brand of design sensibilities.”

The idea making well-designed homes available for a diverse range of people – building next to the country’s most famous river no less – was something both companies really gravitated to.

Hitchcox, particularly impressed with Robbie Antonio’s passion for design and transformational development, agreed to this venture in Manila, bringing the world’s greatest design mind to the Philippines in a dynamic new way. Robbie’s passion struck a chord with the Brit who found that working with him and the Century Properties team was an exciting and satisfying experience.

“It’s been really interesting because there’s so much like-minded thinking going on in the moment, and it’s been an enjoyable process,” he said. “[Robbie and Marco Antonio] have been a complete dream to work with… it’s gone very, very well.”

Acqua Iguazu yoo inspired by Starck has indeed rocketed to fame as a rare piece of collectible real estate, being cited by many Starck fans as the ultimate embodiment of his design ethic. “This was always the goal,” says Robbie. “To give people an experience like no other – the Starck experience, something they can live and enjoy for as long as they wish.”

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